Hey, Hey!

If you read my last blog, I mentioned I had some exciting things planned. Well, Blog Chats are one of those exciting things.

What is a Blog Chat?

A Blog Chat is a blog that is going to allow you to get to know a wedding professional past the surface level.

It is highly important your personality meshes well with every wedding professional you book. You will be spending a lot of time with your wedding pro team and not only that but you’re investing money into their services. So, naturally, you want to know that you’re booking a qualified team or person who you can trust, right? Right.

Blog Chats are here to help you do just that.

Through the Blog Chat Series, I will be “interviewing” wedding professionals that I have worked with and think you will love, too! My goal with these posts are to help you find your perfect match for that one (or several) wedding professional you might be missing on your list.

You’ll get to learn quirky facts, what inspires them, and so much more through this series. And, if want to learn more and meet them in person, all of their contact info will be in the blog.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to always go with your gut when booking someone for your wedding.

If your gut instantly tells you there is a red-flag, trust it and don’t let someone persuade you to book someone you don’t instantly vibe with. My goal with the Blog Chat Series is to help diminish all those Am I booking the right person? feelings and give you a glimpse past a wedding professionals website or Instagram page.

The first Blog Chat of the series will debut on Wednesday, June 19th (my momma’s birthday!).