It’s time for another Blog Chat!

I first introduced you to Tony Baker, and now, I’m excited to introduce you Rexayn Tribble of All About Flowers.

I met Rexayn at the Birch/Taylor wedding in December of 2018. As a wedding planner, organization is key and Rexayn and her team were on top of it. It made my job a breeze and I was able to jump-in and assist with setting floral without having to ask a thousand questions because of the systems she had in place.

It is evident that Rexayn truly goes the extra mile for her clients, plus she’s down-to-earth and so easy to talk to!

So, without further ado, I’m so excited to introduce you to Rexayn Tribble, Owner of All About Flowers.

Tyler Rosenthal Photography

What are some of your favorite things?

Sweet Tea and people.

What is your favorite flower? (Of course, I had to ask this.)


What place in the world would you love to visit (or visit again) and why?

Alaska. We went there for our 10th Anniversary last year and felt like there was so much more to see. It was intriguing, yet peaceful and so calming at the same time.

Who is your hero/do you look up to?

My dad, Coy Henley. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in June of 2018 and he hasn’t let him get him down. He is a warrior and has always supported me in everything I have ever set out to do!

Move night or game night? Why?

Game night… I don’t like to sit still and be quite.

Side Note: I’m all for a good game night, too!

What keeps you going on a bad day?

My faith is what keeps me grounded and keeps me going!

Do you have a memorable wedding moment you’d like to share?

My son and daughter-in-love! It was the most fun EVER!

Another Side Note: This wedding is where I met Rexayn and it definitely was a wedding for the books!

Tyler Rosenthal Photography

What advice do you want to pass along to brides and grooms?

ENJOY… Hire someone and don’t get caught up in the tiny details. Let them handle and just ENJOY.

What is unique about your floral company?

We truly want to serve our clients. We try to do what they want done. At the same time, we take into consideration their budget and lead them into a direction that is inspired by them and will leave them breathless.

What’s been one of your favorite floral designs you’ve done?

Oh girl, too many to pick. Most any time I do an event or wedding THAT one will be my favorite.

How can couples contact you to learn more about your floral services?

They are welcome to call, email, or Facebook the shop and make an appointment.


What are you waiting for? Contact Rexayn with All About Flowers for you event and wedding floral needs.

(870) 862-5437