I get asked all the time if I were to give only one piece of wedding planning advice what would it be.

I love when I get asked this and, believe it or not, it’s so easy for me to answer this question.

My answer is not related to catering, florals, your wedding party or anything logistical. It actually isn’t wedding related at all.

Wait. Hold up. What?

How can I give wedding planning advice that isn’t wedding related??? Well, that’s a great question. Scroll down for my answer and reasoning…

My number one, go-to piece of advice is…

Have a date night with your significant other that includes NO wedding-related talk.

Why do I say this? It is so easy for us (especially us girls who’ve been dreaming about this day since watching It Takes Two and Father of the Bride) to non-stop talk about our wedding and wedding plans. While it is such a fun and monumental time in our lives, it’s only the beginning of a grand love story.

When I was planning my wedding, Ryan literally looked at me one day and asked if we could just not talk about flowers, cake or colors for one day. One. Whole. Day. (I thought I was going to die.)

But, it totally clicked. I needed to remember why I was getting married in the first place and whom I was getting married to. While the details of our wedding made the day special, if every detail had gone wrong, I still would have been married to my high-school sweetheart.

All the wedding prep is great, but if it starts to consume your life and be the only thing you talk about… You’re probably (in the nicest way possible) getting on your significant other and friends nerves.

This advice actually applies to possible future endeavors as well. For example, babies. When we found out we were pregnant with Lincoln, I had to remind myself that Ryan (as excited as he was) doesn’t want to talk nursery decor every. single. day.

So, as you plan your wedding, make sure to set days that are strictly off-limits for wedding related chatter.

It’ll be difficult at first, but I promise not only will it be worth it, it’ll be appreciated and help eliminate some of the stress that you may be feeling with planning.