COVID-19 has caused mayhem all over the world.

And, of course, due to the social distancing and the CDC’s recommendation of no gatherings larger than 10 people, you can just imagine what it has done to the wedding and event industry.

Couples who have dreamt of a spring wedding are now making the tough decision to postpone their wedding to keep their families and friends safe.

My couples have told me over and over how they couldn’t have rescheduled their entire wedding without me.

As a wedding planner, I’m grateful that I can be here 110% for my couples during these uncertain times. Of course, I never ever would wish this pandemic on us, but it has definitely brought light to the importance of hiring a wedding planner (even if just for wedding coordination).

Meredith Corning of Meredith Events, as most of you know, is a dear friend of mine. She had to reschedule an entire wedding within one hour. ONE HOUR, y’all. After Trump announced no social gatherings over 50 people, she acted quick and secured a new date for one of her couples.

And, that’s what wedding planners are here for. We are here to be a lending hand, whatever that may look like for your wedding.

When you are having trouble thinking straight because your whole ideal of your wedding just got turned upside down and swished around in a salad bowl, your wedding planner is doing the legwork to reschedule your date so you can cry into your bottle of wine. (Trust me, after we reschedule, we are drinking that wine with you!)

I truly don’t know how the couples who don’t have a wedding planner in their corner are handling this situation.

I know I’d be stressed. And, honest moment here, I didn’t hire a wedding planner. My mom and I did everything, but if I had to reschedule my entire wedding on my own, there would have been more tears and fights than needed.

Things to Consider when Postponing Your Wedding

Talk to your wedding planner

Your wedding planner will know which vendors need to be contacted first to verify if the date you’re looking at to postpone to is still available. Your wedding planner may also talk money with your wedding vendors, if you’ve given them permission. They’ll be able to ask about remaining balances and when those will need to be paid based on the new date. Note, that some vendors will keep the same payment schedule and that’s okay!

Don’t have a wedding planner? Now is the time to think about hiring one for your wedding date. Most planners will add a rescheduling service fee to their contract for you. I will add this to any of my planning packages, free of charge! Just contact me and mention this blog

Don’t cancel, postpone 

I cannot stress this enough. Don’t cancel your wedding. If you cancel, you will lose money. By postponing your date, most vendors are able to move balances paid forward to your new date. All you may be out is wholesale prices that were incurred by the vendor prior to postponing. I’d definitely want to be out only a couple hundred dollars rather than thousands. Wouldn’t you?

Small intimate wedding + Livestreaming

Think elopement. Go ahead and get married to your best friend with just immediate family members. Then, come fall, have the grand reception. I promise, your love story will be just as special, if not more so.

You can even livestream your wedding for those who are unable to attend. It’s a time to get creative and be thankful for the technology we have today.

Get event insurance

As a wedding planner, I cannot stress this enough. I strongly advise you to get insurance for the day of your wedding. I could go into a long list of why you need wedding insurance, but Markel Insurance does a great job of that here. Check it out and invest in wedding insurance.

Things to Remember during this Time

Looking back on all of this, you’re going to have one hell of a story to tell.

I know right now it seems like such a gloomy time. Your wedding shower, bachelor/ette parties, honeymoon and wedding have all been postponed. But, I promise, when you look back, you’re going to enjoy telling your family and friends (and maybe one day kids!) that you survived the COVID-19 wedding postponements. 

Be patient.

Your wedding vendor team is doing everything in their power to be accommodating. We are working overtime to make sure you feel secure in your new wedding date and that we are answering all of your questions. If we don’t respond right away, know that we are still here, but we too, have families that we have to spend time with.

Don’t judge how someone else is handling COVID-19.

Yes, this is an upsetting time for you as an engaged couple and seeing memes on Facebook may make you mad. But, remember not to judge those who handle situations with humor. And, vice versa, don’t judge those who seem overly concerned and worried about the matter at hand.

Thursday, Friday and Sunday Weddings are still beautiful.

Say that aloud!  It’s okay if your new wedding date isn’t on a Saturday. I promise, your wedding will be just as beautiful on a Thursday, Friday or Sunday.

Marrying your best friend is still the goal.

We have made weddings a big production. Don’t get me wrong, I obviously love a grand wedding. But, now more than ever, it’s a good time to remember that at the end of the day, if you’re married to your best friend, your day has been good.

To my couples and others making the tough decision to postpone:

I’m so impressed with you. I know it’s tough. I know it’s disappointing. I know tears have been shed. But, man oh man, am I so proud of how you have handled this unpredictable pandemic with such grace.

To the Arkansas Wedding Community:

We are strong and I’m so honored to be part of such an amazing community. This pandemic has caused us to think on our feet and act fast. Thank you for being kind and patient as I (and many other planners and couples) are calling you and emailing you non-stop to reschedule events. We are going to make it through this and have beautiful fall weddings.