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Kaitie Gill Weddings is a boutique wedding planning company located in Central Arkansas with over five years of experience in the wedding industry,

Wedding planning isn't all pretty flowers, yummy food, and a good dance party. Nope! Behind each wedding are countless hours of logistical planning, phone calls, and well thought out design.

While some couples thrive on wedding planning, others may not and this is why Kaitie Gill Weddings offers wedding day management all the way to full-service planning. Plus, each planning package has curated tools and resources filled with expert knowledge of all things weddings to help aid couples during the wedding planning process.

Packages begin at $2100 and are based on logistics, travel, and guest count. 

If you have any questions about which planning package would work best for you, just give me a ring or send me an email. I'm more than happy to answer any questions you have.

Planning Meaningful + Stress-Free Weddings

Wedding planning services

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This offering is for the couple who knows they can do all the nitty-gritty planning for their wedding, but would like assistance building a solid foundation on the in's and out's of planning before hitting they ground running.

With this in-depth consult, you get two hours 1:1 with me to ask me all the wedding questions. From timeline questions, to floorplan ideas, to what to serve at your wedding... no question will go unanswered. 

Plus, you'll gain access to my planning tools and resources AND receive exclusive pricing if you decide to book my Wedding Management package later on.

Investment  $525

in-depth consult

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You've got all the planning under control, but know that you need someone to help you manage and oversee your wedding day so that you can truly enjoy it.

Investment begins at $2100

Wedding management

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If you're in the midst of planning and suddenly realize there is more to this "planning" thing than you realized, Kaitie Gill Weddings Design package is what you need. This package aids you through the design process to create a beautiful cohesive wedding design that showcases your love story.

Investment begins at $2900

Design Development

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This package is an exact replica of the full-planning in person package with the only exception being all planning meetings happen virtually.

Investment begins at $3700

Full-Planning (Virtual)

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If just the very thought of planning your wedding makes you want to break out the Tylenol due to a stress headache, then Kaitie Gill Weddings full-planning package is just what you need. Kaitie will help take the overwhelm away and help you curate your wedding from start to finish.

Investment begins at $4200

Full-Planning (IN person)

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Formerly known as Sailboat Weddings, Kaitie Gill Weddings has been in business for 4.5 years. Through this short time span, Kaitie has been able to serve over 50 couples plan and execute their wedding.

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