When it comes to your wedding day and the planning process, there are certain things your wedding planner wants you to know.

While we could write a book, we know you don’t have time to read that. So, instead, we are sharing ten quick points that your wedding planner wants you to know.

01. Your Guests Do Not Know What Didn’t Make the Cut

When it comes to your wedding design, wedding menu, wedding flowers, etc… Your guests are not going to know what you decided against.

02. This is Your Day

Here’s the thing, your wedding day is your day. You might have a lot of different opinions in your ear, but when it comes down to a final decision, you get to the final word as long as it fits within the budget.

03. Trust Our Expertise

This isn’t your wedding planner’s first rodeo. If you’ve hired a planner, then you should trust their process and advice. Wedding vendors are going to work better for you if you don’t try to micromanage them.

04. Guest Experience is Important

You want your guests to be comfortable and enjoy your wedding. You don’t have to caterer to their every need, but you do need to be aware of certain aspects throughout the day.

For example, if you’re not having a first look and your ceremony is at 5pm, you’ll want to provide passed apps or open the dinner line prior to your grand entrance. Or, if you’re set on an outdoor July wedding, you’re going to need to rent a tent that is climate controlled and provide water during the ceremony.

05. Repurposing Your Flowers Is Good But…

We totally understand wanting to repurpose your ceremony flowers into your reception. However, if your ceremony and reception are happening in two different locations, this isn’t advised. If you are having your ceremony and reception in the same location, make time in the timeline to still get full detail shots of the reception room completed. You’ll want to have those pictures – We promise!

P.S. Get the full reception pictures prior to the ceremony. Once guests enter the reception space, you can’t get full room shots. Your florist can set the reception space and then they or your planner can move the ceremony florals prior to any ceremony detail shots and arrival of guests.

06. We Juggle A Lot

We are so excited about your wedding, but know that you’re not our only client. We also have personal lives and families to take care of. So if we don’t respond within 15 minutes of that text or email you sent, I promise we aren’t ignoring you. There’s more we could say on this topic, but that’s for another blog on another day.

07. Preferred Vendors Are The Way to Go

Some wedding planners will require you to work with their set list of vendors. For the planners that don’t require you to work with their preferred vendor list, we still highly recommend that you do. The reason being is the vendors that your planner is recommending have proven to provide top-notch service time and time again. The client experience is often just as important to them and you already know that the vendors on your planners preferred vendor list work well together.

And, let us be real honest… having a team of vendors that actually like working together makes a big difference for your wedding day – a good one!

08. Tag Us In Your Photos

When you share your wedding photos, we want to be tagged. Getting to relive your wedding day right alongside you is something we will never tire of.

09. Your Wedding Day is Just The Beginning

While your wedding day is a day worth celebrating, know that it’s not going to be the best day of your life. We hope it’s in the top ten best days, but there is so much more life to be lived after you’ve said, “I Do!” So make sure during the planning process that you’re putting marriage above everything else. Because at the end of the day, it’s all about the vows you make to one another.

10. Tell Us You’re Happy

The wedding industry is filled with people-pleasers. Vendors want to know that you’re happy with the service we provided. So on the day or the day after, sending your vendors an email or quick text just thanking them for everything they did makes us not stay awake at night questioning if you are truly happy. (Trust us, we do this and it’s a habit that we just can’t break.)

That’s a wrap on ten things your planner wants you to know. Again, there are more things we’d love to share with you, but those we’ll save for another date.

Photography Credit: Kayleigh Ross Photography

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