boundaries for kaitie gill weddings

I’m talking all about boundaries set for Kaitie Gill Weddings. Here’s the thing… this isn’t going to be the most fun blog post to read, I get it. BUT it’s probably one of the most important blog posts I’ve written to date.

If you’re a couple seeking to hire Kaitie Gill Weddings as your wedding planner, I encourage you to read this post before booking. And, if you’re a current couple of KGWs you most likely have seen this boundaries implemented into our communication. Read on to learn what exactly all these boundaries set for Kaitie Gill Weddings are.

One: Communication During Office Hours

Kaitie Gill Weddings office hours are Tuesday-Friday 10am-3pm CST.

We do our absolute best to take Monday off because we are often on-site for weddings and events on the weekends. This means we don’t get a typical weekend off like most. Having Monday off allows us to have a day to recoup however we decide.

Please note that there could be a day during the week (especially Friday) when KGW is not in the office because they have a weekday wedding. If this is the case, our auto-response email will mention this.

Because we our doing our best to honor the office hours we have set you’ll notice that unless it’s the week of your wedding (or sometimes two weeks out from your wedding date) all emails, phone calls, and texts are responded to the following day during business hours.

Now, we understand that many of our couples work traditional 9-5s, so we do take the time to schedule any phone calls or design meetings for Tuesday and Thursday evenings. We also will *occasionally* book a Saturday or Sunday in-person meeting. Again, we do our best to be flexible but also keep our families in mind. It’s rare that we get a Saturday and Sunday off to spend with our famailies.

Two: Computer, Phone, and Email Time

The thing about wedding planning is it often does require KGW to be on the phone, computer, and in our email inbox quite often. However, with that being said, we work in such a way that we are not constantly in our email or on the phone.

As planners, we are often having to curate timelines, draft mood boards, curate floorplans, manage client portals, and so much more. We can’t always be in our email or at the beckon call (no pun intended) of our cell phones.

Three: Emails from Our Cell Phone

We also do our best to not respond or send any emails from our phone. This may sound bizarre, but our phone is already bogged down with personal emails. We try to keep all emails within our client portals or within our Gmail account that is only on our computer.

Four: Text Messages Really Aren’t for Planning

We love the quickness of a text and at times, a text is perfect. In fact, KGW may even send you a quick text. However, KGW has more than just one couple at a time that we are planning weddings for. This is why we prefer for most all communication to be in email format. Plus, texts often get read on-the-go and never responded to. If only iPhone had an “unread” option like our email…

If you do send a text and get an email response back from KGW please know that this isn’t because we are upset you text us – We wouldn’t give out our number if we didn’t want you to text us! – it’s just that some things we REALLY need to keep organized within our email/client portal system.

Five: No Phone Calls Before 10 AM

Okay, so this falls back under point number one, but KGW doesn’t take any calls before 10am CST and there are several reasons for this.

One, I, Kaitie have two little kiddos who I take to daycare every morning. My mornings are often spent with morning cuddles, making lunches, etc. Once I get back home, I take the time to enjoy a hot cup of coffee. I then, officially start my work day at 10 AM.

Two, I’m just a better person after a hot cup of coffee.

Three, again, this doesn’t apply to you if it’s the week of your wedding. KGW is readily on standby during your wedding week to answer any morning calls, texts, or emails. BUT, to be honest, there shouldn’t be many calls or questions the week of your wedding because we’ve done all the planning and now it’s just time to enjoy the week leading up to your wedding day.

While there are other boundaries set for Kaitie Gill Weddings, these are the most prominent ones that we need our couples to be aware of. And, know that most all our couples honor these above and beyond what we could ever ask of them. It’s just we want to always be transparent with you which is why we wanted to type this blog up. 🙂

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