Brittany Riggan Photography

Darcy’s newborn session was one of the sweetest family photo sessions we’ve had to date. Darcy Girl has completed our family in ways we could have never imagined. She was the missing puzzle piece we didn’t know we needed. God has truly blessed this little family of mine and I am ever-so grateful.

Special shoutout to Brittany Riggan Photography who captured this most precious newborn session for us!

The green dress that Darcy is wearing was my dress when I was little. I love that my momma kept some of my baby clothes so that my potential future daughter could wear them, too. And, let’s talk about how Darcy Girl just loves staring at her daddy! My heart melts.

Darcy was starting to get fussy towards the end of her newborn session so Linc patted her and was “shooshing” her letting her know that she was okay. “You okay, baby girl,” he’d say. Again, my heart melts.

The picture where Darcy is cuddled up on the pillow is one that is extra special to us. The pillow is made out of one of her great grandpa’s shirt who she is named after. Her Papaw would be so obsessed with her.

I just love getting to watch Ryan be a daddy to Lincoln and Darcy. He doesn’t get enough praise, but he truly is the best dad. Watching him be a father to our children makes me just love him even more. And, can we please talk about Darcy’s baby feet?? All the heart eye emojis!