Before we dive into the topic of 150 guests or less, I want to provide you with the disclaimer that KGW loves a good wedding with 250 guests (or even more). Please don’t get me wrong here. My own wedding we had 200+ people. However, if I could do one thing over again, adjusting my guest count would be the first thing I would change. So, with that being said a 250 guest count isn’t bad by any means, but here are just four reasonos why we love 150 guests or less…

When it comes to planning your wedding, the guest list can quickly become a contentious issue. While it’s tempting to invite everyone you’ve ever known to celebrate your special day, there are many benefits to keeping your guest count 150 or less. Intimate weddings have a unique charm and create a more meaningful experience for both you as a couple and your guests.

Quality Over Quantity

By keeping your guest count under 150, you can focus on quality interactions with each person present. You’ll have the opportunity to spend more time with your guests, create deeper connections, and make everyone feel truly valued and appreciated. Your wedding day is a celebration of your love, and having a smaller group of guests allows you to share that love more intimately.

Cost Involved

One of the most practical reasons to limit your guest count is the impact it can have on your budget. With fewer guests to accommodate, you can allocate more resources to other aspects of your wedding, such as venue, decor, food, and entertainment. A smaller wedding can be just as beautiful and memorable as a larger one, without breaking the bank.

Or, on the other hand, maybe you do want to wine and dine your guests and you’re able to do so with a smaller guest list. Think 4-course plated dinner, full open bar, interactive guest experience, etc.

Personalized Experience

A smaller guest list allows you to personalize every aspect of your wedding day to reflect your unique style and preferences. From customized seating arrangements to handcrafted favors, you can tailor the details to create a truly personalized experience for your guests. This attention to detail can make your wedding feel more intimate and special for everyone involved.

Intimate Atmosphere

With fewer guests, your wedding will have a more intimate and cozy atmosphere. You can fully embrace that exclusive speakeasy vibe, too. Whether you’re exchanging vows in a garden or dancing under the stars, an intimate wedding creates an atmosphere of closeness and connection that is hard to replicate in a larger gathering.

    In conclusion, there are many compelling reasons to keep your guest count under 150 for your wedding. From creating a more intimate setting to personalized experiences, an intimate wedding can have a big impact on your special day. So, consider the benefits of a smaller guest list and embrace the beauty of an smaller celebration that will leave a lasting impression on you and your guests.

    Learn more about KGW’s planning services here and how we can help you design and execute your wedding day whether for 150 guests or more.

    Need a guest list tracker? KGW has one that we utilize in our planning resources, but we also love The Knot and With Joy’s guests tracker.

    Photography Credit | Kelly Glaze Photography