I love throwing a party, so getting to host Lincoln’s first birthday party was no different and extra special. The day was a huge success thanks to our family and friends who celebrated our one-year-old with us.

Lincoln's First Birthday Party | Megan Hall Photography

I had been planning this day for almost six months, so to see everything come together was so bittersweet. It’s crazy to think that my “baby” is ONE. It just doesn’t seem right.

Linc didn’t know what to think when 50+ people were singing Happy Birthday to him. His face was priceless and that was probably one of my favorite moments of the whole day.

He also wasn’t quite sure about getting messy with his smash cake so we gave him a fork. He then began to dig in and decided I needed a bite. He’s the sweetest and loves to share.

The event planner in me, of course, had to decorate.

One door had pictures of Linc’s “firsts.” (For example, first trip to Branson, first 4-wheeler ride, first Christmas, etc.) Then another door had all of his pictures from month-to-month. Yes, I may have cried while I was getting all the pictures together.

P.S. The sign reads that he has three teeth. Well, that little stinker gained THREE more teeth within a week of when I originally made the sign. Talk about a rough week because he did not sleep at all. I’m really glad that we don’t remember teething.

Sweets and Treats by Victoria provided the cutest and most delicious cakes and cupcakes! And, Crave Catering Company made my job easier by providing all the food expect the hummus and cheese dip.

Lincoln's First Birthday Party | Megan Hall Photography

I even made shirts for our family. Linc had two shirts because, well, smash cake.

Lincoln's First Birthday Party | Megan Hall Photography

Again, I still can’t believe Lincoln is ONE.

I really don’t know where my baby went. BUT, I have loved every stage from newborn cuddles to him walking around talking to Daddy and me ALL the time. He has the best personality and I’m so blessed that God gave Ryan and I the most precious little boy ever. Thankful for everyone who made Lincoln’s first birthday party so great!

Photography / Megan Hall Photography

Cakes + Cupcakes / Sweets and Treats by Victoria

Catering / Crave Catering