The thing about wedding planning is that it isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. It’s not a linear process either. There are, of course, elements in wedding planning that follow the same steps. But, planning a wedding still looks different for every couple.

So why isn’t wedding planning a one-size-fits-all? Read on to learn KGWs five reasons.

One: Wedding Vendor Priorities

When you think about your wedding day, what are the top three vendors that come to your mind? Did you think of venue, photographer, and music? Or did you think of photographer, catering, and florist? You may have another combo of vendors that you thought of.

Because your vendor priorities may not be the same, this is one reason that the planning process looks different for each couple. Your top three vendors are the ones that KGW recommend booking first. It’s also most likely where you are going to want to put more of your wedding budget. After you book these prime three, so to speak, you’ll be able to have more of an idea of what the rest of your budget looks like.

Two: Your Availability For Finalizing Details

You may be someone who works a demanding job or maybe your in the midst of finishing school. Whatever the case, if you’re only available on very specific dates to help finalize details in the planning process, this can make planning a bit more drawn-out.

While there is nothing wrong this, it’s important to remember to not get overwhelmed. If your peers ask you wedding specific questions and you don’t know the answer to them.

If you are someone who does have a hectic schedule, KGW highly recommends a full-service planner. A full-service planner can help you stay the wedding planning course. And, you can make it to the altar without leaving any detail untouched.

Also, if you are comfortable with it, having a point person such as a sister, mom, grandmother, or aunt who knows your wedding vision to be looped into the planning process always helps tremendously.

This isn’t uncommon so please don’t feel like “you’re too busy” to plan a wedding. KGW has worked with two couples within the past year where the brides moms were her point person. The brides would just stamp their final approval on things before they entered into any contracts.

Three: Your Wedding Date

It may sound strange but your wedding date plays a great factor into the planning process. For example, June and October are often two of the most popular wedding months in Arkansas. Therefore, if you’re a couple getting married in one of these months, securing vendors may move faster than someone who is getting married in July or August.

One thing to note about securing vendors is you don’t have to have all your wedding details nailed down with a fine-tooth comb before you secure them. Get your quotes and once you find one that you like go ahead and book them. You can make any changes to the proposals as more details roll in.

Four: Your Guest Count

If you’re having a more intimate celebration, often times, planning these logistics can be more easily maneuvered than planning logistics for a 250+ guest count. There are often less moving parts, which sometimes means less wedding vendors that need to be secured.

Five: All-Inclusive Venue

We do have a few venues in Arkansas that offer all-inclusive options. If you’ve decided to go this route, your wedding vendor team is already chosen for you. All you have to do then as a couple is finalize the details needed from each vendor to bring your wedding day to fruition.

There are also venues that while they do not have an all-inclusive option, they do require you to use their catering and/or bartending services. These venues are often your hotels, country clubs, casinos, wineries, or distilleries. If this is the case, you’ve immediately eliminated having to secure one of the key vendors involved in a wedding day – the caterer.

Of course, these aren’t the only factors that play a role into why wedding planning isn’t a one-size-fits-all process; but they are some of the main components.

And, take note that if you are working with a wedding planner, most have planning down to a work of art. They’ll have systems that help keep everything (and everyone) on track. But again, the systems are often molded to fit each couple so the planning process works with you, not against you. Because, naturally, the last thing a planner wants to do is add planning stress.

So, are you wondering what the planning process with KGW looks like? More on that soon!

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