Darcy’s first birthday… Gosh, I can’t believe that my best girls first birthday has come and gone. Darcy is the baby of the family so all of her first milestones are just hitting this momma a little extra in the sentimental feels. The theme of her birthday was Darcy’s First Rodeo.

I’m someone who LOVES to go overboard on birthday parties and decorations. But this year, I tried to keep it a bit more simple. I did, however, of course still have a professional tiered cake and cookies made because, let’s be honest, cakes and cookies are one of my favorite focal points for birthday parties.

Darcy knows how to make a grand entrance! When we came out of her room with her birthday attire on, her family was waiting for her and she just knew they were there for her. And, she knew she was WAY too cute for her own good.

You should have seen her when we went to pick out her cowgirl boots and cowgirl hat, too. Again, she knew she was something cute.

Side note: A personal favorite photo is the one where Linc is holding her hand.

Lincoln wasn’t feeling family pictures, but one thing I loved that I did for his birthday was hire a professional photographer. So, naturally, I did the same for Darcy’s first birthday. It’s not often that we have all our family in one place (outside of the holidays) so I wanted to make sure we got pictures without having the pressure of having to be by my phone the whole time.

Megan Hall Photography is who took Lincoln and Darcy’s first birthday pictures and I’ll forever treasure them!

Let me tell you Red Rebel Bakery and Michelle Mayer never disappoint. While Red Rebel Bakery is no longer in business (Her husband accepted a chef position at Disney!), if you’re ever needing a cake, you need to contact Michelle. She’s one of the best!

Despite Lincoln’s smile, he was so excited to help Darcy open all of her gifts. Darcy’s two favorite gifts were her ladybug tights and her BB gun from her great aunt and great uncle. They also gave Linc a BB gun for his first birthday, too.

This girl loved the icing, but she loves Cheetos more. So, naturally Cheetos and icing were a great combo.

The picture of Darcy looking away from the camera is probably one of my absolute favorites that Megan captured. It was such a blast getting to celebrate Darcy Girl’s first rodeo! Check out Lincoln’s first birthday celebration. Can’t believe he’s four now!

Photography | Megan Hall Creative

Cake | Michelle Mayer

Cookies | Red Rebel Bakery